About Impressions

OBJECTIVE: “To Provoke Thought”

Impressions blog is one that covers “a lot of territory,” with some of  its fields having stony and thorny grounds, and with others having the pleasantness of green pastures and still waters (Psalm 23) . Many of the Impressions blog posts relate to the nicer things of life. But, in spite of the niceness that surrounds the lives of many of our readers, we must not forget the horrible things of the world that encompass countless others in the world. The Bible reminds us to “remember the poor” (Galatians 2:10). “Unto the least of these,” are the words that Christ spoke in reference to those whom were needy, and were provided mercies of benevolence by those whom were more fortunate (Matthew 25:40). So, as we are entertained by many of the videos that will appear in this blog’s posts, we must never let the truth of hunger and homelessness leave our minds.  “Impressions Blog”l provides uplifting posts, as well as posts that relate to those whom are needy in our world.  May “Unto the least of these” be words that will be spread throughout the world.